PHILCOMSAT is a telecommunications company dedicated to providing a medium for people to communicate within the archipelago and across oceans and continents.


The Philippine Communications Satellite Corporation (PHILCOMSAT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippine Overseas Telecommunication Corporation (POTC), is an enfranchised and licensed Philippine public telecommunications entity (PTE), 35% owned by the Republic of the Philippines. PHILCOMSAT, as the Philippine satellite pioneer for almost four decades, made the world smaller for Filipinos and impacted the lives of every person or enterprise by providing a medium for people to communicate within the archipelago and across oceans and continents, through voice/fax, data, audio, video, broadcast TV, internet or IP multimedia applications.

At present, PHILCOMSAT is positioned to benefit from the convergence of global communications and internet protocol technologies and applications. IP communication pervades every facet of industrial, commercial and social activity. PHILCOMSAT’s IP communication services encompass a broad range of applications from the traditional and robust C-band Very Small Aperture Terminals (Vsat) to the new Ka-, Ku-band High Throughput Satellites (HTS), which can provide more than 1Gigabit per second capacity. These solutions are also available as redundancy and backhaul to existing GSM/3G/4G/LTE Networks, as well as the transport of internet broadband and Virtual Private Network (VPN) requirements for enterprise, government and non-government organizations operating within and outside the Philippines.

In addition to its telecommunications mega-franchise, PHILCOMSAT also maintains licenses in VSAT, value-added services (VAS), International Satellite Carrier (ISC), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and INMARSAT.

Affiliate Companies
PHILCOMSAT is owned by PHILIPPINE OVERSEAS TELECOMMUNICATIONS COPRORATION (POTC). PHILCOMSAT owns 79% of PHILCOMSAT HOLDINGS CORPORATION (PHC) - a company listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). PHILCOMSAT also owns 68%, indirectly and directly, of MONTEMAR BEACH CLUB.